Garnier Miracle Skin cream

Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

I normally avoid making hasty reviews of skincare products, but in this case I am going to make an exception, just because I am really impressed.

The product in question is the Miracle Skin Cream by Garnier, anti-aging cream with LHA, proretinol, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and B5, peptides and ginger extract with SPF 20. The formula is supposed to reduce the appearance of dullness and dark circles.

I received a sample of Garnier Miracle Skin with my Grazia magazine. It does not say BB, CC cream or tinted moisturizer so I decided it’s a regular skin cream and I tossed it in my box, full of Glossybox samples. I picked it up randomly last Sunday, as I was doing my make-up, to use it as moisturizer/base. I was surprised to find that once applied, it actually gives color and I liked it so much, that I decided not to add any foundation on top of it.

The sample was 5 ml. it lasted me for 5 whole days, during which I wore it with a little bit of blush or mattifying powder.

The cream has really light, airy texture, it soaks into the skin immediately and leaves it fresh and breathing. The smell is somewhat lemonish, but it does not bother. My skin feels pleasantly moisturized, and I get around 60% coverage of all imperfections – dark circles, redness, uneven skin tone etc. If you have good skin, you can get away with only wearing this. I have to say, I might be so impressed only because I have never used BB cream, and the discovery of a product, which fits into my 10-minute morning routine was a “Eureka” moment.

I recommend it for a test. I would have purchased it myself immediately, but I have a whole set of Body Shop skincare products from the vitamin E line, which I must start after I finish my Eubos creme.

Have a great day and take care!

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