Ego and style

Hello, everyone!

My name is Eva, I live in Germany and this is my beauty blog.

Blogging helps me:

– keep a cosmetics diary, so I can easily share pictures and recommendations

– as a self-motivation to take better care of myself.

As I was younger I used to wear heavy make-up and extravagant shades of nail polish, but due to my job and the more conservative environment, now I try to use more discrete shades. So most of the examples are going to follow that rule.

I use a lot of budget brands. It’s not a financial matter, I am just not convinced that a product which costs 50 euro is always better that the one, which costs 5 euro.

I honestly do not consider myself pretty, but I try to be at least „the best version of myself“.

Enjoy your stay and feel free to leave a comment anytime.

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